Antiseptic Liquid

Powerful germicide. Helps heal without hurting. Nuvlon-D is effective on all types of minor cuts, bruises and wounds. Useful for all types of First-Aid.

Anti-dandruff Shampoo

Prevents & controls dandruff, relieves the scalp of excessive oilness and greasy scales.

Dr. Sabharwal's Wound Care - Biomedicals Division

Welcome To Dr. Sabharwal's Wound Care - Biomedicals Division

Dr. Sabharwal's group was established in 1984 with a pious aim of providing medical products of highest standard to one and all the world over. The first focused approached was “DR. SABHARWAL'S MFG. LABS. LTD.”, the ambitious plant which started manufacturing all the products and none of the product is being outsourced.

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